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Irene Ijeoma Adesina, Manager

         Micheline Mbuebue, Assistant Manager
Gwinnett County School Nutrition Program
SY19 Meal Charge Procedure
Elementary school students will be allowed to charge up to $11.25.

Middle school students will be allowed to charge up to $12.00.

High school students will be allowed to charge up $4.00.

Charges are not allowed for supplemental or ala carte items.

Once the charge limit has been met the student may receive a designated alternate meal at no charge as defined by the School Nutrition Program.

A charge notice will be completed for each occurrence and notification will be sent home to the parent/guardian through the student. Additionally, once the charge limit has been met the parent/guardian will be notified by the local school via phone call, letter, or email.

A charge list will be provided to the Principal at the end of every month and upon request.

Charging for meals will not be allowed after April 30th.

The charge policy will be communicated to parents/students via student handbooks, SNP & local school websites, and letter.
Charges are not allowed for supplemental or ala carte items.
Adults at all levels will be allowed to charge a maximum of 1 day to their account.
Charging for meals will not be allowed after April 30th.

Refunds may be processed at the local school level up to $50. Any refund over $50 shall be processed through the SNP Central Office by submitting a Refund Request Form available on the SNP website
If you have any questions about your child’s meal charges, please contact the cafeteria manager at your child’s school.
If you have any questions about a refund, please contact the SNP Central Office at (678) 301-6246.
Breakfast & Lunch Prices
As part of the Universal Breakfast Pilot Program for SY2017/18, students now have the opportunity to enjoy a reimbursable breakfast at no charge.

Each student is eligible for one reimbursable breakfast each day. A breakfast meal includes one breakfast entree, one juice or fruit, and/or milk. A la carte and supplemental items will be sold at the usual price.

The School Nutrition staff looks forward to serving you a nutritious breakfast to jump start your day!

Meal Prices for the SY 2017/18 are listed below for your reference.

Breakfast   Lunch  
Student Breakfast No Charge Student Lunch HS $2.50
Reduced Price Breakfast No Charge Reduced Price Lunch $0.40
Adult Breakfast $1.75 Adult Lunch $3.00
Extra Milk $0.40 Extra Mil $0.40
SY18/19  Ala Carte Pricing

High School Entrée........$2.25

Side Items..................... $ .40

Extra Milk.......................$ .40

16oz Water....................$ .75

Vitamin Water................$1.25

Chocolate Chip Cookie.....$.50
Rice Krispie Treat...........$.25

High School
* These student prices are for the 2018-2019 school year.
Meal  Cost Per Day    Cost Per Week   Cost Per Month  
  Full Pay  Reduced Full Pay  Reduced Full Pay  Reduced
Student Breakfast No Charge No Charge No Charge No Charge No Charge No Charge
Student Lunch $2.50 $0.40 $12.50 $2.00 $50.00 $8.00
Extra Milk $0.40   $2.00   $8.00  
Breakfast (available before school) 1 Meal at no cost, extra entree $1.25

Lunch - $2.50 - Ala Carte entree - $2.25
Sides - 40¢ - Milk - 40¢ - Water - 75¢ - Vitamin Water $1.25

Lunch & Breakfast Menus - Schedule
4th Period A Lunch: 10:15 - 10:40 B Lunch 10:45 - 11:09
5th Period A Lunch 11:16 - 11:41 B Lunch: 11:46 - 12:10
6th Period A Lunch 12:17 - 12:42 B Lunch: 12:47 - 1:11
Students eat during their 4th, 5th or 6th period. Check with your student to see what time they are scheduled.
Important Links: 
Food and Fitness  - Healthy Ideas for Middle and High School Students
Nutrition Nuggets  - September 2018

Nutrition Education and Training (NEAT) Project

A nutrition education program, overseen by a registered dietitian, has been implemented at each school.

Our staff provides nutrition education in a variety of ways through out the school year.
We encourage our students to make healthy food choices by teaching them about the food guide pyramid in a fun, interactive and applicable way.
We incorporate nutrition education on the serving line, on bulletin boards, with classroom visits, in print, and by attending school wide functions.


Please contact our registered dietition Taylor Blake at taylor_blake@gwinnett.k12.ga.us for questions concerning our menus or our nutrition education program

As a partner in education, the Gwinnett County School Nutrition Program contributes to a successful academic experience and encourages a lifetime of healthy eating by providing each student with the affordable opportunity to consume meals that are nutritious, appealing, and served by caring professionals in a pleasant environment. r handicap. If you believe you have been discriminated against, write to the Secretary of Agriculture, Washington, D.C. 2025
"This institution is an equal opportunity provider and employer."

Provide the opportunity for all students to meet their daily, nutritional needs for meals consumed at school.
Provide healthy choices that comply with the Dietary Guidelines.
Be recognized by peers and the community as a leader in the school nutrition field.
Provide training for professional growth.
Provide nutrition education for all students.
Operate a financially sound program.
Maintain standards of sanitation set by the Health Department. (Health Inspection Scores)
Be an integral part of the comprehensive school health program.
Support policies that ensure all foods available to students during the school day comply with the Dietary Guidelines.
Continually improve the effectiveness of food production and service to meet and exceed customer expectations.
Encourage involvement of all employees in our professional associations.
Work cooperatively with school administrators and the PTA.
Utilize technology as needed to enhance effectiveness of program.

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