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Honor Code

DHS Honor Code


“Cheating includes any attempt to defraud, deceive, or mislead a teacher in arriving at an honest evaluation of student achievement.”

Cheating includes, but is not limited to:

1. Looking at a test, quiz, or exam of another student while taking an evaluation.

2. Attempting to communicate information in any way during an in-class evaluation.

3. Having cheat sheets, or information written on the body or other personal objects.

4. Using programmed calculators or other electronic devices unless expressly permitted by the teacher.

5. Looking at quiz, test, or exam materials prior to their administration.

6. Failing to properly give credit when the ideas, words, or works of others are used.

7. Giving information regarding an evaluation to another student who is scheduled to take the same evaluation.

8. Submitting work through the use of technology that is not created by the student. This includes, but is not limited to file sharing (submitting the same work with different header, copying files to and from disks) and/or receiving or purchasing solutions or works from others.

Cheating is inexcusable conduct and will be dealt with strictly.

On the 1st offense, a grade of zero will be given for the assignment, the teacher will contact the parent(s), and the grade level administrator will issue a formal warning to the student and record it in the student’s discipline file.

On each subsequent offense, the student will receive a consequence for not following directions from their grade level administrator in addition to the student receiving the grade of zero