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CheckIn/Tardy Information

Procedure to follow for student check-out due to illness:

Students MUST check out through the Clinic if they are sick in order to obtain an excused absence.
Students MUST have a current Clinic Card on file in the Clinic before they can check out.
If a parent comes to check out a student because they have received a text/phone message from their student, the student still MUST be checked out through the clinic to obtain an excused absence.
If a student tries to check out sick without going through the clinic, it will be considered an unexcused absence UNLESS they bring a doctor’s note to the attendance office the day they return.


Tardy Policies:

Tardiness To School Policy(Check-In)

All students are expected to be in school and/or class on time. Students are considered tardy after the First Period Tardy Bell sounds
(7:15 am). Tardies to school are considered excused or unexcused according to the state guidelines for absences. After five excused tardies (per semester), medical documentation is required to excuse subsequent tardies to school. Tardiness to school for medical or court appointments will be classified as unexcused until proper documentation is received from the physician or office of the court. Students who are on campus prior to 7:15 and are late to their class, but do not follow the appropriate guidelines (see below) will not be following school procedures andreceive consequences for both that and the tardy to class.


Students arriving late to school must present a note from a parent/guardian stating the date, reason for the late arrival, parent signature, and parent phone number for verification or the tardy will be classified unexcused. Excused notes should be brought in within 2 days of the tardy.

1st period begins 7:15

Report Directly To: Grade Level Discipline Office (500 Bldg Lower Level, Attendance Office, 3rd floor 600 Bldg)

The Grade Level Discipline Officewill classify the tardy as excused or unexcused and issue a Permit to Class for the student to show to his/her 1st period teacher.

After 7:15 AM Report to the Attendance Office



Tardiness To Class Policy

All students are expected to be in class on time as listed on the bell schedules. There is adequate time between classes and before school for students to arrive on time. Students should be in the classroom or gym before the tardy bell begins to ring. Tardies to class may only be excused by school personnel. All other tardies are considered unexcused.


Students who are not in class on time will be required to report the closet Grade Level Office where the student will be processed by office personnel and/or the administration and assigned consequences when needed. A late permit will be given for admission to class. Students who arrive at the Grade Level Office excessively late
(7 or more minutes) after the tardy bell will be considered AWOL and will receive additional consequences. Tardies are cumulative for a student’s entire school day, therefore it is possible for a student to accumulate 6 tardies in 1 school day. Tardies will be reset at the beginning of each semester.

1st – 6th tardies = Warning

7th Tardy – 3 days restricted lunch

9th Tardy – 5 days restricted lunch

11th Tardy – Wednesday / Saturday School

13th Tardy – 1 Day of ISS

15th Tardy – 3 days of ISS

17th Tardy – 2 days OSS

19th Tardy – will be handled at the discretion of the administrative staff

Time out of class due to tardiness will be considered unexcused.